How can we open Google Assistant or Alexa and a voice application starting from a result in SERP?

In the video you will see an experiment in which, through a FAQ page and structured data, I obtained a rich snippet in SERP with the possibility of directly opening a voice application (a Google Action or a Skill for Alexa) on the smartphone or Smart Home device.

An experiment…

Come possiamo far aprire Google Assistant o Alexa e un’applicazione vocale partendo da un risultato in SERP?

Nel video vediamo un esperimento in cui, attraverso una pagina FAQ ed i dati strutturati, ho ottenuto un rich snippet in SERP con la possibilità di aprire direttamente un’applicazione vocale (una Google Action o una Skill per Alexa) nello smartphone o in un device della Smart Home.

Un esperimento che…

If the goal is to create a Google Action, any conversational flow can be developed both with Dialogflow and with Actions Builder. What changes, graphical interface aside, is the way of thinking. Let's see some aspects.

First of all the intent was (rightly) detached from the actions: they only have to recognize what the user says.
When is the action to be determined based on the intent established? Within the scene!
This is an optimization compared to Dialogflow, because the same intent can be used in different "contexts"…

Alessio Pomaro

Head of SEO, Head of Voice Technology, AI Conversation Designer @ site By site // Autore di Voice Technology — Dario Flaccovio Editore

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