Clubhouse, l’ormai noto social audio, è un’applicazione che è stata sviluppata per iOS. Com’è noto il brand sta correndo ai ripari per produrre (nel più breve tempo possibile) la versione per Android.

Senza dilungarci su raccontare “cos’è Clubhouse”, lo faccio attraverso un video..

Come si usa Clubhouse su Android?

Per installare Clubhouse su Android è possibile utilizzare un applicazione non ufficiale (attraverso l’installazione di un apk) che permette di usare il social audio nelle sue funzionalità di base.

NOTA: si tratta di un’applicazione di Clubhouse non ufficiale che non…

Voice Search on Chrome: The new feature in beta
Voice Search on Chrome: The new feature in beta

Last month, the XDA Developers team reported a change to the Chromium source with the addition of a new feature described as follows: “enable display of the voice search button in the top toolbar”.
Chromium is a free browser created by Google, which derives much of the Google Chrome source code.

How will voice search work on Google Chrome?

Today, monitoring Google Chrome Beta (the version that has the features under development) I noticed the presence of the same feature.

The new voice options in Chrome Beta

In the image below, you can see the new options on Chrome Beta.

How can we open Google Assistant or Alexa and a voice application starting from a result in SERP?

In the video you will see an experiment in which, through a FAQ page and structured data, I obtained a rich snippet in SERP with the possibility of directly opening a voice application (a Google Action or a Skill for Alexa) on the smartphone or Smart Home device.

An experiment that combines the world of SEO and Search with Voice Technology

From SERP to interactive voice application (for Google Assistant and Alexa)

What I have done

Let’s recap the operations I did, described also in the video (you can use subtitles, but the video is still very simple).

  • I created a page with a…

Come possiamo far aprire Google Assistant o Alexa e un’applicazione vocale partendo da un risultato in SERP?

Nel video vediamo un esperimento in cui, attraverso una pagina FAQ ed i dati strutturati, ho ottenuto un rich snippet in SERP con la possibilità di aprire direttamente un’applicazione vocale (una Google Action o una Skill per Alexa) nello smartphone o in un device della Smart Home.

Un esperimento che unisce il mondo SEO e della Search con la Voice Technology

Dalla SERP all’applicazione vocale interattiva (per Google Assistant e per Alexa)

Le operazioni effettuate

Ricapitoliamo le operazioni che sono state effettuate e che vengono descritte nel video.

  • Ho creato una pagina in cui ho inserito una sezione dedicata alle risposte alle domande…

Chatbot, voicebot, voice applications, IVR, GPT-3 … let’s be clear!
Chatbot, voicebot, voice applications, IVR, GPT-3 … let’s be clear!

The universe of conversational systems now proposes various solutions, which are updated very often.
With this post, I will try to provide some clarity, giving you some ideas on how you can think and choose according to your needs.

Voice application

If you want to create a voice application, in the Amazon environment (therefore a skill for Alexa), you will use the Alexa Skills Kit:

If you want to implement a Google Action, there are at least two solutions: Dialogflow ( or Actions Builder (available in the Actions on Google console: aog-console-ab).

Of course, the second is a new tool…

In this mini post, in a simple example, we will understand how to make a conversational agent recognize the product code entered by the user within Dialogflow. The principle is the same on Actions Builder and Dialogflow CX.

The following are two examples of code format to recognize:

  • C16Z-1D12–0Y73 (3 blocks formed by 4 alphanumeric characters);
  • SDC-P1-V2–4560 (4 blocks consisting of a variable number of alphanumeric characters)

To describe the formats, I used the following rules.

The regular expressions associated with the entity on Dialogflow
The regular expressions associated with the entity on Dialogflow
The regular expressions associated with the entity on Dialogflow

To fine-tune regular expressions, also thanks to a…

Google yesterday launched Dialogflow CX in beta, a new system created for companies that need larger and more complex projects.

Dialogflow CX: a new way to design conversational agents
Dialogflow CX: a new way to design conversational agents

I tried Dialogflow CX, and here are some considerations.

  • A visual builder that allows you to view conversational flows also appears on Dialogflow CX.

If the goal is to create a Google Action, any conversational flow can be developed both with Dialogflow and with Actions Builder. What changes, graphical interface aside, is the way of thinking. Let's see some aspects.

First of all the intent was (rightly) detached from the actions: they only have to recognize what the user says.
When is the action to be determined based on the intent established? Within the scene!
This is an optimization compared to Dialogflow, because the same intent can be used in different "contexts". I also did it on Dialogflow, through the development of fulfillment, to standardize flows with Alexa Skills. With l it is much simpler and more natural.

But how do you manage priorities with intent?

Priority no longer exists, but the intent can go global! This too is an…

Con la voice technology si monetizza creando applicazioni vocali di valore, che soddisfino i bisogni degli utenti nelle diverse categorie come il gioco, l’intrattenimento, i servizi. Successivamente è possibile offrire l’acquisto vocale di esperienze arricchite ed abbonamenti.

Quest’ultima fase avviene grazie agli acquisti in-skill di Alexa e alle integrazioni per i pagamenti di Google

Come si monetizza con la voice technology?
Come si monetizza con la voice technology?
Esempi pratici di monetizzazione con skill e action — Voice Technology

Guadagnare con la voice technology? Vediamo alcuni casi di successo tra Skill (per Alexa) e Action (per Google Assistant).

In meno di 12 mesi, i giochi per Alexa di Volley hanno accumulato oltre 500.000 utenti mensili attivi!

Grazie agli acquisti in-skill sono riusciti a monetizzare, proponendo contenuti premium sotto forma di pacchetti di espansione per Yes Sire, il loro gioco di punta.

Alessio Pomaro

Head of SEO, Head of Voice Technology, AI Conversation Designer, Voice UX @ site By site // Autore di Voice Technology — Dario Flaccovio Editore

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