From SERP to interactive voice application

How can we open Google Assistant or Alexa and a voice application starting from a result in SERP?

In the video you will see an experiment in which, through a FAQ page and structured data, I obtained a rich snippet in SERP with the possibility of directly opening a voice application (a Google Action or a Skill for Alexa) on the smartphone or Smart Home device.

From SERP to interactive voice application (for Google Assistant and Alexa)

What I have done

Let’s recap the operations I did, described also in the video (you can use subtitles, but the video is still very simple).

  • I created a page with a section dedicated to answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ). Here is the page:
  • I have implemented the structured data related to the “FAQPage” schema (you can view them from the page source). Here is the schema:
  • In the answers I have inserted an “Assistant Link” (a link that opens a Google Action through Assistant — and a “Quick Link” (a link that opens a Skill through Alexa — https: //

In the video you can see the results obtained.

How to test links in the snippet

To take a test, simply perform a search by using the “site” operator as follows:

This will allow you to view the rich snippet in SERPs.
Then, just open the answers and interact with the links.

The rich snippet of the FAQ page in SERP

The links to the voice applications works on both mobile and desktop versions.
Using the desktop version, Assistant or Alexa are not available, so you will land on the web page that allows you to start the voice application on a device associated with your Google or Amazon account.


For example, imagine you apply this method to an FAQ page that explains how to install a product. The link in the snippet could open the voice assistant that guides the user through the operations and answers his questions.

The experiment does not introduce extraordinary SEO techniques, but describes an experiment to give new inputs on the great possibilities available for our research sessions.

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