From SERP to interactive voice application

How can we open Google Assistant or Alexa and a voice application starting from a result in SERP?

In the video you will see an experiment in which, through a FAQ page and structured data, I obtained a rich snippet in SERP with the possibility of directly opening a voice application (a Google Action or a Skill for Alexa) on the smartphone or Smart Home device.

From SERP to interactive voice application (for Google Assistant and Alexa)

What I have done

Let’s recap the operations I did, described also in the video (you can use subtitles, but the video is still very simple).

  • I have implemented the structured data related to the “FAQPage” schema (you can view them from the page source). Here is the schema:
  • In the answers I have inserted an “Assistant Link” (a link that opens a Google Action through Assistant — and a “Quick Link” (a link that opens a Skill through Alexa — https: //

How to test links in the snippet

To take a test, simply perform a search by using the “site” operator as follows:

The rich snippet of the FAQ page in SERP


For example, imagine you apply this method to an FAQ page that explains how to install a product. The link in the snippet could open the voice assistant that guides the user through the operations and answers his questions.

Voice Branding
Voice Branding

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